Diane D., Chicago, IL

Andria is an AAMET Certified EFT Practitioner. She came highly recommended by a trusted friend. In my personal circle of friends, people often mention that, when something difficult is happening in my life, I tend to share how I’m coping with the situation but I rarely identify how I am felling about the situation. The tapping method that Andria uses, brings up feelings in me that I never even knew I had. While we are together, she gently guides me as I process what comes up until the feelings no longer overwhelm me. She has taught me to use tapping, in between sessions, to help my feelings surface and to process them on my own. She is a highly qualified expert in the field of EFT, knowledgeable, compassionate, and wise. If you are considering trying EFT, or are looking for a new practitioner, you will have an amazing experience with Andria.

– Phillip H., Chicago

I have done five EFT sessions with Andria and she is awesome at this. Her space is warm and inviting and matches her warm personality. Andria is intuitive and maintains a feeling of connection throughout the process. She’s non-judgmental, calm and balanced. She can adjust the Tapping as one thing shifts to another so I can get to clearing out a lot of baggage.

All of our sessions have been powerful. I came to see Andria because I was not happy anywhere in my life. I was surprised at the deep issues that came up even at the first session, like my father thinking I was a mistake. I hadn’t realized how that old belief of his held me back all these years. By the fifth session, we had moved on from relieving depressed feelings to inserting goals to achieve more happiness and self-expression.

I’m so glad to have this depression lift and to feel more hopeful from my core.

– Lynn Cruser, Franklin, IN

Andria is a splendid EFT coach. She listens carefully to the problem and gets to the root of it very quickly, using her amazing insights, wisdom and humor. Her tapping phrases are quite clever and lead very quickly to reduced intensity of the emotion being addressed. She is friendly and down-to-earth and a joy to spend time with. She is simply “delightful”!

– Bryant Anderson, Chicago
Hey mom. When i came to you for help with my lower back issues i wasn’t sure what help, if any, tapping could provide. As we began the two and a half hour tapping session i was having intense lower back pain and extreme tightness, i could barely walk or move without lots of pain.

As we tapped and pinpointed on certain emotional baggage that could be trapped down there i could feel little bits of pain and pressure in my back starting to fade.

After every twenty minutes of tapping you had me stand up to measure the pain factor and every time there was less and less pain and discomfort.

Some of the “ah-ha” moments for me during the tapping: definitely about my roommate tom free-loading and then about matt’s unreasonable anger at the blues bar restaurant. Tapping through those emotions really resulted in pain slipping away from my lower back. I knew tapping could work but I was blown away and in tears when after two and half hours very little pain remained in my back!

I am very thankful for you helping me mom.
Love you!

– Marilyn B., Chicago, Ill.
Thank you so much Andria for your gentle assistance in using EFT. In a few sessions you’ve helped me unearth childhood issues that were too painful for me to face myself. It’s been a sometimes emotional, often unexpected and always freeing experience. Working with you has made a difference and I thank my lucky stars that I met you.

–  James Jordan, Kansas
The Tapping has made a difference for me. I’ll be the first to say I was skeptical at first. I gave Andria the benefit of the doubt, though, and it has worked out well.

Andria is a good teacher, too. She is great at asking questions that you might not think of yourself or giving an insight you might not have thought of. To me that is as valuable as the Tapping.

I have ADHD and the Tapping can help some with that. It doesn’t eliminate it by any means, but the Tapping can help you stay focused on what you are thinking about.

The Tapping and talking with Andria has also helped with marriage issues. But it also goes back to Andria asking the right questions and helping you to understand what the real issue is. I think the two go together really well.

You can also use it by yourself once you get the hang of it. When things come up, it is helpful to have a mechanism to deal with the issue.

The Tapping itself is not magic, though. Just Tapping your chin or whatever, is not what makes this work. The thing is to think though what is really going on by examining your emotions as you Tap.

This is where having someone like Andria comes in. She can help you figure out those emotions by asking the right questions and sort of guiding you along. Its just so much faster than it would be trying this by yourself.

– Kristina, Chicago, IL
I tapped with Andria a few times and always came out of it more focused and ready to take on whatever it is I need to tap on. I tapped on becoming more focused and taking time out from having multiple jobs to apply for grant applications and got them done the way we laid out in my tap session

Andria also taught me a few meditations and techniques related to tapping. One of them is about how to draw more money into your life by asking the universe by way of using a Toaist chant and breathing while imagining money is growing on branches coming up from the ground. You imagine that you are picking the money off of the branches and stuffing your pockets with the money and sharing it with passers by. She shared this one with me because I was low on funds and needed to budget to put more money into my savings account.

Shortly after I practiced this chant with Andria and repeated it alone by myself, I was at my new job waiting tables and I found money on the ground. It turned out to be three hundred dollar bills!! I turned the money in and when no body claimed it, I got to keep it! It was like the money found me! About a week after that I received an email from a marketing agency about helping them create a product and that job paid $400 for a single day’s session! Again another seemingly random growth in my savings account, however I really did meditate on and ask the universe for more money, which didn’t feel so random because in a week’s time, I found money laying on the ground. Now more than ever, I really believe if you ask the universe for something, it will give it to you. Have Andria teach you this chant, it is unbelievable!

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