Tap-along scripts are useful when you’re unsure what words to use for a particular issue. They are limited in their effectiveness because they are aimed at the general public and not your specific issues.

Tap-along scripts do, however, give you ideas for how to tap. They give you ideas on how to start. They give you ideas for phrases to use.

The best use of a tap-along script is to first tap it as it is presented. Notice what your personal reactions are. Note both your emotional responses and responses in your physical body.

Then CHANGE the script to fit your own personal needs. Repeat and emphasize what triggers the most emotional intensity within yourself. Skip what doesn’t resonate with you. Take the ideas from the script and make it your own.

The result? Another issue tapped down* and added delight in your life!

* Always remember that Andria is available if you want your progress to go faster, deeper or you feel the need for additional support.  E-mail her at steps2delight@gmail.com.

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