After lunch and recess, students tend either toward playground energy or sleepy eyes. Both condition respond well to Tapping.

If you’re using the Tapping Play CD, have the students sing and Tap along again. have the students stand. Once the students have learned the songs, have them take turns leading the Tapping.

If you want a script, just look below. Have the students stand. You, the teacher, Tap and state the phrase; the students echo you.

KC: Even though I feel all excited and wound up (pause for echo)
I’m a great kid!
(Repeat 3 times)

EB: It was so exciting on the playground!
SE: I love running all around
UE: It’s great outside

UN: I don’t really want to come inside
CH: But I like getting smarter
CB: We were having fun out there!

UA: And now we have to come inside
Top of Head: Time to come inside and sit

KC: Sometimes it feels like I want to play forever (pause for echo),
but I also like getting so smarter
(Repeat 3 times)

EB: Wonderful to play outside
SE: Wonderful to get smarter
UE: Wonderful to run around

UN: Wonderful to learn
CH: So great to run and play
CB: So great to sit and learn

UA: My day is full of wonder
Top of Head: Because I’m such a wonderful person

KC: There’s a great time to relax and play (pause for echo),
and a great time to concentrate and learn
(Repeat 3 times)

EB: I’m a great kid
SE: I’m a great student
UE: I’m a great human being

UN: I have a great class
CH: I have great friends
CB: I have a great attitude

UA: I have great energy
Top of Head: I have great concentration

Take a big breath and have students sit down.