Ps. 37:4 DELIGHT in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

That verse was the beginning of this website. Our entire church, Windy City Community Church in Chicago, IL (, was memorizing a new verse each week. And the week I was searching for my company’s name was the week this verse was to be memorized.

A coincidence? I think not!

John 10:10 is one of the verses where Jesus explains the fullness of life He came to give his people. An abundant life, a more abundant life. In the chapter in John, he was scolding the Pharisees for hiding God’s love under hundreds of laws that no working class person could hope to keep. But it’s not only Pharisees that keep God’s love hidden.

If you’re reading this page, it’s likely you have Jesus already in the driver’s seat of your life. [If you don’t then do a search on “become a Christian”. There are plenty of sites ready to tell you all about the wonders Christ offers.]
Once you accepted Jesus as your savior, God changed all the records – your guilt was gone, your sins erased, your name written in the Book of Life. As far as God is concerned, there is no barrier between Him and you.

But what about you forgiving yourself? What things have you done that you can’t let go? Do you still need to punish yourself for that one time? Or two or three hundred? Can you not approach the Throne of the Holy One, your birthright as a redeemed Child of God, because you lug around old beliefs that you’re not worthy?

These barriers that YOU create – and you can because you do have free will – these are where Energy Therapies can help.

Nothing can help the original barrier of sin between God and you but the saving blood of the Perfect Lamb. But the barriers you put up, because of pride or fear or anger, those can be reduced with Tapping.

Personally, my prayer life expanded exponentially a year after I started Tapping. I hadn’t even realized that I was hesitant to be completely honest before God. But then, Tapping revealed that I wasn’t being completely honest with myself. I consider Tapping to be one of God’s gifts to me to allow me to draw closer and closer to Him and His amazing, overwhelming love.

And a funny thing happened when I could pray more honestly – suddenly I could pray out loud in a group with freedom and ease. I was invited to join the Prayer Team at our church. I could bring others’ requests to our Lord with boldness and confidence. Because I truly did believe He wanted to grant requests to those in His will, those serving Him selflessly.

The blocks of unworthiness and not-good-enough melted with Tapping. The blocks that I placed between me and the gifts God had ordained before the foundation of the world that I should share with that world.

Of course, prayer by itself often accomplishes the same thing. Meditation often accomplishes the same thing. Tapping just happens to be another method God built into the world to be discovered when it was time. He left the possibility of penicillin laying around in the world to be discovered when the time was right. He allowed anesthesia to be discovered when the time was right. The principles He built into human thought were discovered for Psychological Therapy. Tapping is just one other tool He provides that can be used wisely under His direction.

If you are one who thinks a broken arm should be left to heal without assistance from a doctor, or strep throat to heal without help from an antibiotic, or trauma to heal without talking to a therapist, then Tapping is probably not for you. But if you appreciate the gifts God continues to bestow on us age after age after age, then take up Tapping and discover more of the DELIGHTFUL abundance He’d like you to have.