Lynn Cruser offers an emotional release service that I have personally found to be very beneficial. All you do is send Lynn an e-mail, she tunes into your energy and she releases negative emotions, conclusions and limiting beliefs.
    In January 2013 I visited Mexico on vacation. My very first day there, I came down with a cold and then I broke a toe as well. I had a full schedule of vacation activities to get to and no clear time to Tap effectively. So I shot off a quick e-mail to Lynn. I asked her to release whatever was interfering with my enjoyment of a vacation week. (Note – best guess – “Who are YOU to get to fly off to Mexico and enjoy a vacation from the cold and snow?”)
    The next day, the cold was gone. The swelling and pain in the toe was negligible. Plus, now the adhesive tape I needed to splint the toe that I couldn’t find (in Spanish) the day before presented itself easily in another Mexican drugstore. Neither the cold nor the toe nor anything else interfered with the rest of the vacation.
    An e-mail request for releasing from Lynn costs only $10, paid through I highly recommend her services.
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