There’s nothing like finally putting old baggage to rest and moving freely into new possibilities. Which is what I get to see my clients do. It’s predictable, it’s sure and it’s delightful.

My favorite Energy Therapy, the one I’m certified in, is EFT. It’s formally called Emotional Freedom Technique and commonly called Tapping. That’s because when doing EFT both client and practitioner tap on a few spots where the meridians (energy circuits) run through the human body. These are the same points that an acupunturist would place needles. EFT gets similarly effective results but we use no needles.

Andria Anderson
Do you have an issue you thought you were stuck with for life? An upsetting memory or recurring dream? Old beliefs left from your childhood? These can be gone. No longer zapping your energy. EFT is simple to learn and the relief is rewarding.

Personally, I first heard about Energy Therapies in the early 90’s. I thought it was way too “out there” for rational people to consider. Certainly not for the “entirely logical” and “demanding scientific evidence” person I was. It wasn’t until 2005 that I read about the natural health physician Dr. Mercola ( who uses EFT with every patient. He has found that 85% of disease has an emotional root. His patients wouldn’t stay well until he used EFT with them. Then once the emotional issues were cleared, the patients stayed well longer than other doctors’ patients.

That was enough scientific evidence to pique my curiosity. I followed the link to Gary Craig’s original website (, downloaded the manual, and I’ve been Tapping ever since.

You probably couldn’t guess my emotional background from the delight that now runs through my web site. I have had depressive tendencies since 8th grade. The 1960’s solution was a prescription for Valium.

Traditional talk therapy has been a life-saver for me many times. I appreciate its helpfulness. Therapy allowed me to cope with the depressed times. It kept me afloat for four decades.

But when I discovered EFT, that’s when actual, permanent change entered my life. Not just coping but developing a brighter, lighter, enjoyable outlook for life. Not just enduring my years on this earth, but growing into more and more DELIGHT.

That’s my experience with EFT. Check out others’ stories on this site to read how EFT improved their lives as well.

Then join me and find out – how can your life become DELIGHTFUL?

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